Moby Wrap Baby Carrier

$ 30.00

This original Moby Wrap is one of the most comfortable carriers around!

The soft & stretchy fabric supports your baby with your full shoulder (no pain!) and keeps  your baby so close to you so that the two of you walk as one. No need to adjust it for different size caretakers - it adjusts itself to you and your baby's needs every time you put it on.

The long piece of cloth is a bit tricky to learn the first time you use it - but soon you will find the many ways you can adjust it to keep your growing baby happy. Face your baby toward you when she is tired, face him out when he is curious about the world, or even wear her on your hip.

When you take baby out - the Moby Wrap can lay flat for tummy-time or a nap, and throw it over your shoulder a quick cover-up for nursing.

Created by two mothers with a passion for baby-wearing, the Moby Wrap is by far the most comfortable baby carrier on the market today. It comes with a full-color instructional guide featuring various wrapping techniques, carrying positions and handy babywearing tips.

Machine washable

100% cotton.

Weight Limit: Up to 35 lbs.